Temple B’Nai Darom

Temple B'nai Darom

Temple B’Nai Darom Embracing Tradition, Building for Tomorrow: Temple B’Nai Darom’s New Construction Project In the spirit of fostering a strong and vibrant community, Temple B’Nai Darom, a cherished Jewish temple, embarks on an exciting new construction project. Envisioned as a sanctuary of togetherness, spirituality, and celebration, this endeavor seeks to create a space that […]

College of Central Florida

Renovations of the College of Central Florida's Softball and Baseball Fields

College of Central Florida Revitalizing the Heart of Athletics: Renovations at the College of Central Florida At the heart of the College of Central Florida’s commitment to fostering a thriving athletic community, a visionary construction project took shape, aimed at elevating the softball and baseball fields to new heights. This transformative endeavor sought to create […]